Focused on Eating Well

I have always struggled with body issues growing up, I was never the smallest kid and I certainly wasn’t the most athletic. These issues never really went away, even when I thinned out in high school from puberty and year-round volleyball, and I would try every weird trick in the book to just lose weight in order to feel good about myself.

After my skinny volleyball years, I gained a few pounds my senior year of high school when I could no longer play volleyball due to a knee injury and into my first couple years of college when my diet was mostly dry Frosted Flakes (in my defense, they were the only thing in the caf that wouldn’t make me want to throw up after). I always held the belief that I could stay fit and healthy by kinda-watching what I ate but focusing more on working out because that’s what I was doing and I didn’t want to change my ways. It wasn’t until the middle of my senior year in college that I accepted the fact that I was doing it all wrong.

Now, I still workout as much as my body allows me to but I have spent these last five months paying attention to what I put into my body and eating what makes me feel good. When I’m at work in LA, the food options there lack a healthy variety and can get pretty expensive and I get home so late (thanks to the 101) that I don’t have enough energy to make a healthy meal for the next day when I would rather go to the gym, shower, and get in bed. My solution to these problems is the magic of meal prepping!

Meal prepping is so easy and I spend my Sundays (when we don’t have an awards show to cover) heading over to Sprouts, going to the gym early so I can knock it out of the way if I take too long meal prepping, and then prepping away. My meal preps aren’t the perfect ones you see on Instagram (I wish they were) because I tend to make big batches of my food and pack each lunch the night before which only takes a few minutes. I also don’t own amazing matching containers, I typically put my meals in whatever tupperware my mom has and store the extras in bigger containers or use these if the meal allows it.

I will be sharing my favorite recipes here as I make them but here is what my typical prep contains:

  • A container of quinoa: I usually make 1 cup of dry quinoa because after it’s cooked you have about 4 cups which is more than enough for Monday-Friday
  • A bowl of washed greens: Mostly arugula because it is my favorite but I like spinach too
  • Some energy balls which I’ll post my recipes to really soon!
  • Various baked or grilled vegetables: Sweet potatoes, asparagus, butternut squash, zucchini, you get the idea
  • Washed black beans and chickpeas
  • Morning egg muffins which I’ll also post about
  • Overnight oats
  • And of course some salmon and/or chicken

When I throw my lunches together the night before I also add in some grapes, almonds, or baby carrots to snack on at my desk with my homemade hummus as well as an apple that I like to cut up before I leave work and can eat during my 90-minute commute home. Typically, my mom will have had a dinner ready which I can much on once I’m home or I’ll throw together a quick salad. When it’s time for me to move closer to work and I don’t get to go home to her cooking, I’ll definitely be meal prepping my own dinners too.

If you’re big on meal prepping, I would love to hear any of your tips and tricks! Let me know what you think or what foods you want to see!

xx Lo


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