A Realistic Routine

The reason I started this blog was to bring you along on my journey into the wide world of adulthood and while exploring, eating well, and working out are all a part of that and things I love to learn about, do, and share, I’m also here to get real. 

I love my job! And I was fortunate enough to begin working the week after my last finals week in December 2016 (after NOT getting the job at first because I still had class) but starting work so quickly was a huge adjustment. I told my internship that I wouldn’t be staying with them in the spring which was the plan after I originally wasn’t hired for what I have now but that I would go back after this job wrapped in early March. NOPE! I ended up returning to my job in April after our month off to work on more shows (but I did get to take a few weeks off in May because I still had to actually graduate). While I’m so lucky to be able to return to this job and know what I’m doing for most of the year now, it’s in LA and I… am not. 

Orange County isn’t SUPER far but to get to work by 9:30 (which I usually roll in a few minutes late) I have to leave my house no later than 8am and when I’m off work at 6:30 I typically get back home by 8pm. That’s 12 hours of my day dedicated to work and the commute and while I do have plans to move up here soon, this has been my reality for almost a year. 

If you’ve read my pervious posts, you know I’m a person that likes to get things done and a lot of them. I also love listening to successful people and what their morning routines are, but for a busy gal like myself, they’re pretty unattainable. I would LOVE to get to wake up slowly, foam roll, enjoy a coffee and real breakfast, meditate, and the million other things that are recommended BUT I also like getting 7-8 hours of sleep and I have to look presentable for work. 

This brings me to the whole point of this very long set up, a realistic morning routine for those in a rush! I always have an alarm set for 6:15 or 6:30 which I call me “pre-alarm alarm” and it’s when I get up, take my medication for my narcolepsy, chug some water, and fall back asleep. My logic for that is that my medication takes awhile to kick in and I’d rather sleep a tad more while it does instead of get up and be a zombie anyway, but once I’m up I warm up some water on the stove and wash my face and brush my teeth while it boils. When I go to make my tea, I read theSkimm and do some Duolingo while it steeps then take it up to my bathroom where I proceed to get ready. I’ve managed to be pretty quick at my makeup and plan what I’m going to wear the night before to save me some time, I also listen to a few short podcasts while I do my makeup and when I’m ready to go, I open the Day One app on my phone and write three things I’m grateful for and three intentions for the day. Then I do a few dynamic stretches, get dressed, grab my lunch bag and something to eat in the car, and figure out which route to work won’t take me 20 years. Once I’m in my car I love to listen to podcasts and spend a few minutes with nothing on just to breathe and practice patience in traffic, which I’ve become a lot more relaxed about after reading The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck by Mark Manson (I 11/10 recommend this book).

I know my “morning routine” is nothing special, but it’s what works for me and I want to encourage you to have a few small and easy things to do each morning that work with your schedule! We can’t all have the perfect mornings but if you have small accomplishments and a general plan, they will feel much less stressful. I also know to not let time stress me out because if I’m running late, I know that I can’t go back in the past and wake up five minutes earlier and things would’ve been all different. What has happened happened, and its fine! 

Once I finally move closer to work, I do plan on waking up and working out which may change a few things in my morning routine but once that magical day comes, I’ll keep you all posted. Let me know what small accomplishments you like to have in the morning and if you have any real book recommendations! 

xx Lo

3 responses to “A Realistic Routine

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  2. Just found your page! I am so inspired and grateful to found this! I too have narcolepsy and this just shows, and helps me to find my way. I am only 19 and thought just because I got diagnosed with this it was so devastating when in fact it’s just strengthen me more in ways not everyone can understand!


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