We were stayin in Paris

While I hit up a total of THIRTEEN countries on my summer trip in Europe, Paris was by far one of my favorite places to explore.

We were lucky enough to drive into Paris on Bastille Day and after dinner (where I had escargot for the first time!) we took the metro over to the Eiffel Tower to celebrate. The metro and Champ de Mars were packed but being able to see something that many French don’t even get to see made my Europe trip that much more special.

The day after is when all the tourist-y fun began though! We did a quick bus tour around the town and got dropped off near the Louvre. Since we only had part of the day to explore, we passed on going in but did get that classic Louvre pic.

Processed with VSCO with n1 preset

Lo at the Louvre

A stroll through a park, souvenirs, and some smoothies later we kept in the direction of the Place de la Concorde and found ourselves on Avenue de Champs-Elysses! We made many stops along the street and walked past the Grand Palais museum which features a plaque that reads “Fluctuat nec mergitur” which is Latin for “She’s been battered by the waves but she’s never been sunk” and is the motto of the city of Paris. I love this phrase and it can be applied to any part of life and going back to my previous post of when I first landed in London, being alone in Europe did come with some fears and going to Champ de Mars on Bastille Day did make me extremely nervous but I was so grateful for having gone on this trip and experiencing the world and I could feel the resilience and strength of Paris.

As we headed closer to the Arc de Triomphe, we grabbed ourselves some Laduree macaroons (because getting them in Paris is a lot more special than LA, okay!) and tried to figure out how to get to the center of Avenue de Champs-Elysses. I NOW know that there is the underground tunnel, but at the time we could not find how to get down there and made the really safe decision to RUN ACROSS the insane intersection. We spent a lot of time just sitting at the Arc de Triomphe and admiring it and the city, mostly to justify why we ran, but then decided to RUN ON BACK! (Pro-tip: DO NOT DO THAT, but if you do, please get it on camera because I was too focused on not being hit by a car to do so)

After that heart-racing adventure I got to simultaneously put on and cross off my bucket list, we grabbed some baguette sandwiches and headed down to the Eiffel Tower! The weather was perfect for sitting under it’s shade and enjoying lunch with some of the people I got so close to over almost four weeks together and that moment of sitting under something so magnificent after exploring so much of the world made me so happy. To add on to that happiness, I also had my FIRST KINDER SURPRISE!

Our post-lunch crepe that we had been so excited to get was one Parisian thing that I sadly did not get to check off my list. Many places were closed for observance of Bastille Day but we did fand some gelato and get back on the metro to our hotel. Our free time to explore was coming to a close but we got to end our trip with a fantastic French dinner where I enjoyed some french onion soup and le duck fromage. After dinner we went to the Moulin Rouge for some cabaret and champagne then all went out together for one last time!

My whole trip was amazing but it was Paris where I used my free time in the best way possible and I really got to see bits of everything that the city has to offer! Learning the history and seeing the architecture of the city in real life was a dream come true and at least a day in Paris should be on everybody’s bucket list and I hope I get to spend many more days there in the future. But for now, check out this video from my Parisian adventure

Au revior, Lo

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