How To Make Traffic Worth It

I’ve brought it up plenty of times before but I’ll say it again… I drive… a lot. My commute to work is about an hour and a half (on a decent day) and up until spring of this year, I was using Spotify to get me through it. Yeah I have my playlists and Spotify has good ones already made, but there comes a point where I can only listen to so much and it slowly becomes background noise and I begin to focus on the traffic I’m stuck in.

At one point, I downloaded my fist podcast which led me to another, and another, and now I have a solid handful (okay, a lot) of podcasts I love to listen to on my commute or when I’m at my desk and don’t need to be listening to any audio at work. They also all come out with new episodes on different days so I’m never overwhelmed on what to listen to first each morning, but here is a breakdown of my favorite podcasts (in no particular order):

  1. The Smart Twenties Podcast with Sam BrownSMART_TWENTIESPODCASTTo be completely honest, I would not be here writing this post if it weren’t for Sam. Months ago when I had the idea to start a blog, I was overwhelmed on where to begin and scared of what people would think. Instead of just starting it, I procrastinated with searches of “how to start a blog” and other things on Pinterest. That’s how I came across one of Sam’s posts and I reached out to her about my hesitation but she gave me that oush to just begin. After Europe, getting back into blogging was slow but again, Sam helped give me that push I needed so when she began her podcast a few weeks ago I was so excited! She’s super honest with everything and her story is relatable to me so I take what she has experienced and the lessons she’s learned and can easily apply them to my own life. I love her advice and she’s encouraged me to do so many things that I’ve always wanted to do but have been so scared.
  2. Almost 30 Podcast static1.squarespace.pngThis was the first podcast I listened to and Lindsey and Krista are so real and explore every topic. They have fantastic guests and know how to ask the right questions when it comes to health and wellness and just people’s lives and success in general. They also help me realize that even when you’re almost 30 nothing is quite figured out so at 22 I can take a sigh of relief and just keep learning and living. Also, shout out to their sound guy Steve!
  3. I Don’t Get It 170x170bb.jpgI LOVE Ashley Iaconetti so when she announced her podcast with her sister Lauren and friend/former Bachelor producer Naz, I was all over it. They share their LA dating stories and anything that they don’t get which seems like a lot of things but honestly, I don’y get them either. They are hilarous and I love hearing whatever thought somes out of their mouths! (I also listen to a lot of Ashley’s second podcast The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast with Ben Higgins which focuses on everything Bachelor Nation)
  4. Lady Lovin’1200x630bbI love Lady Lovin’, Lo Bosworth, Jilly Hendrix, and Greta Titelman are so open and ask the questions we all want to know. They do bring in some health and wellness guests but they keep it relatable for everybody and their comedy is A+. They’re open with their lives and give great advice and I find myself laughing to a point where I’m crying when I listen to them and people in the car next to me probably think I’m insane.
  5. Bucci Radio131820Amanda Bucci is a new fitness girl I’ve been following lately so recently I also started listening to her podcast. I always saw Amanda on my explore page but never paid close attention until I started my blog instagram and gave her a follow. I began watcing her videos on YouTube and I love the advice she gives not only with health and fitness but mindset and life as well. I subscribed to her podcast a couple weeks ago and I think she and her guests are amazing. Side note: Her last one was a Q&A and she began each question she read with a “Ooh!…” and I laughed each time because my parents always joke with me that I respond and react to things with the same “Ooh!”
  6. LadyGangC6qwfTgU0AAh-V6Jac Vanek, Keltie Knight, and Becca Tobin are another group of three gals that I love to listen to. They always start out with the best Good Week/Bad Weeks and have a fun variety of guests. It’s through them that I found a lot of the other podcats that I listen to and they keep it so real and light.
  7. The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast1200x630bb-1Lauryn Evarts and her husband Michael Bosstick always have the best topics on their podcast from nutritionists, to trainers, to other entrepreneurs and they really get down to it. While they have similar thoughts and directions for each episode, hearing their different questions really brings two great perspectives to the table. I also like that it includes Michael and that I can hear a male’s perspective on all of their different topics.
  8. The NerdistNerdist_Podcast_logoIf you like to laugh THIS is the podcast for you. Chris Hardwick brings on the best of the best in comedy and entertainment and since he knows all of his guests personally, there is no dull moment. I love this because it is all people who have either been on TV or in movies or who have made them. As an ex-film student who was surrounded by similar people growing up and especially in college, listening to this is almost comforting. And if you’re driving or working all day and want some comedic relief, you must give this a listen!
  9. Business Meets Fitness Podcast with Lauren TicknerBUSINESSMEETSFITNESSPODCASTI found Lauren Tickner on Instagram as I started to get more into bettering my workout routine and I wanted to follow somebody who has reasonable goals and good advice. There are so many girls who look amazing but that’s not what I personally want for my body and after watching some of Lauren on YouTube she became one of my favorite fitness girls (plus Taylor Chamberlain). She is so knowledgable on all aspects of health and her podacst is also pretty new but has been amazing so far! She has good guests and topics and really knows her audience. If you follow my new blog instagram (@lowithoutlimits) you’ll see that I also began Lauren’s Strength Feed training guide and I’m loving it.

Honorable mentions…

  • Up First by NPR is super short and is literally the first thing I listen to before I’m out of the house in the morning
  • The Bitch Bible with Jackie Schimmel-Haas is perfect for keeping up with pop culture and her life in a very blunt but amazing way
  • Something You Should Know is a fun and fast way to learn a few new things each week
  • The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast I mentioned above because I love the Bachelor franchise
  • #NoFilter with Zack Peter is always less than 30 minutes and he has great guests on each episode
  • The Tim Ferriss Show has a lot of really good episodes, I don’t listen to all of them because they can get pretty long but if it’s a person or topic I’m interested in then I’m all ears
  • The Balanced Blonde Podcast: Soul On Fire I love Jordan and her journey so I do like a lot of the episodes but it’s typically not my first choice and while I do like learning more about the topics she features, some of it does get a bit too out there for me
  • Actually Adultish by Christina Rice is a new podcast that I’ve picked up on so I haven’t listened to too many episodes but we’re the same age and both in LA so I can relate to a lot of the things she’s going through and wants reasonable answers to
  • Science Vs. because I’m a huge science nerd at heart and it’s just an interesting way to hear about topics I wouldn’t look further into myself and I really like the way it’s all edited together
  • Hidden Brain by NPR for many of the same reasons as above, I think learning about all of these different topics is so fascinating

Well there are all the podcasts I love to listen to! I’ve heard a few others but sometimes they just don’t stick and this list, while it’s long, covers everything I’m interested in and I enjoy the hosts.

If you have any more podcasts recommendations that aren’t on this list or if you love some of these too, let me know!

xo, Lo

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