Master Your Meal Prep

Hi everybody!

I’ve written before about how I LOVE to meal prep! It can be so easy once you’re used to it, know what you enjoy eating, and have the best tools ready to go.

If you’ve never meal prepped before, you’re missing out. It is the best way to reduce stress throughout the week, especially when you get so hungry that the thought of having to cook something angers you, and lets you know exactly what you’re eating, allowing yourself to make better choices. The benefits of meal prepping outweigh the few hours having to do it once a week and it is a super easy habit to pick up with your 2018 New Year Resolution!

If you want to know five of my top tools and tricks for meal prepping, keep on reading…

  • Plan out what you want to make BEFORE going to the grocery storeDoing this allows you to stay focused when you go in and not get distracted or spend unnecessary money. You can also take into account what you already have available so you don’t buy double and risk your food going bad. My favorite way to plan out my weeks is with my Erin Condren Meal Planner, it’s small enough to fit into my purse and allows me to write out my breakfast, lunch, and dinner for each day with a shopping list on the opposite page! Before getting this planner, I just used a notebook or large sticky note and then made my list in my phone which worked PERFECTLY but this caught my eye when I was buying my 2018 Life Planner and I had to have it
    • Have containers for prepared items and meals

When I first got into meal prepping, I loved using these sectioned off meal containers and having a protein in one spot, quinoa in another, and then veggies! Over time I began to just prep each item separately and put them all together throughout the week. Now that I’m out of my mom’s kitchen, I no longer have access to her Tupperware cabinet and have invested in some nice glass containers to store everything. I use similar containers to take my meals to work and love being able to mix and match everything I’ve made throughout the week!

    • Have reusable bags for smaller items

For work snacks that don’t require a whole container, I love using reusable snack bags. If you take a lot of snacks, like berries and nuts, going through snack bags can be super wasteful and end up costing a lot of money. I got this pack of reusable bags because they come in three different sizes and are more than enough for myself.

  • Buy in BULK!

Department MastheadOne thing I love about shopping at Sprouts when I’m home is their bulk section and big variety of Sprouts-brand products. Shopping generic is great for your wallet and so is bulk! I always get my quinoa and nuts in bulk since they’re the items I go through the most. Quinoa is the base of so many of my meals and I use nuts for my energy balls, for snacks, and on top of salads. One of my favorite ways to store my bulk items is with my mason jars or Oxo storage containers that have a pop seal!

  • Have breakfasts that are good on the go!

When I had a commute that was up to two hours in the morning, breakfasts on the go were a lifesaver! My two favorite options are overnight oats and egg muffins. Overnight oats are great because you can throw it together the night before or days before and it can have so much variety. It is super easy to make and puts all of those cute mason jars to good use! I love adding different flavors and berries to switch it up and it can easily be made gluten-free and vegan. My other favorite breakfast option is egg muffins! You can add in different veggies and they are good cold or warmed up in the microwave and I like to use reusable silicone muffin liners when I make them. Without liners, they’ll get too oily from rubbing on oil or butter first and if you forget, well they’ll get stuck to the tin and paper liners will get to soggy and be of zero help. Reusable silicone ones allow them to come out perfectly each time and can (obviously) be used over and over!

Those are my top five tips and tools for my weekly meal prep! I hope you enjoyed it and use some of them as you take on your New Year’s Resolutions, if you have any meal prep tricks I’d love to hear them!


Xo, Lo

Disclaimer: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. All that means is that if you buy something through that link, I get a small percentage so I can create more content at no extra cost to you! Thanks!

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