Summer of Lo

I spoke about this earlier in the summer on my Instagram, but I want to go more in depth on what I’m calling, my “Summer of Lo”.

“Lo Without Limits” came from a sign I saw that said “Love Without Limits” and that’s what inspired me to really start this blog and even LIVE without limits. “Summer of Lo'” is just that, a time when I am off of work and can LOVE everything that I am doing and really focus on things that will benefit me in the long run.

The first three weeks of my time off were travelling with my family in Europe (which I will be writing about soon!) and then spending about another week tending to chores and just getting bank in the groove of things. This past week I celebrated the Fourth of July and spent a lot of time at home where I focused more on my family and less on the summer goals I wanted to work towards.

Now that I have about five weeks left without work (unless I manage to pick up another freelance gig), I can really focus on my self-imporvement.

The goals I hope to achieve this month into August are…

  1. Learn how to cook more things outside of my regular meal prep and salad bowls. I want to use more spices and herbs to learn how flavors work together and look through my cookbooks and actually put them to good use! When I have people over or want to cook for friends and family, I want to be able to make something unique and full of color and flavor. I do have a strong interest in nutrition so I also want to incorporate what I’m learning into what I’m making and encourage and inspire others to create delicious and healthy meals too!
  2. Read up on more finance and economic ~stuff~. I say “stuff” because I don’t even know where to begin with all of that. I am well into 23 years old and I want to be able to understand personal finances now that way I can have those skills as I go further into adulthood. I have a 401K started through work but that’s as much as I know and I want to expand that knowledge that way I don’t have to keep running to my dad every time I have a money related question (although I’m sure he appreciates that I still need his help). By my 24th birthday in March, I want to be more financially independent as well. That’s hard as a freelancer making okay pay but not all the time AND living in LA where the cost of living is so insane. I pay for my rent and utilities now but I know that they also throw some money into my account when I need it and they cover my cellphone, car and gas, and any major purchases.
  3. Learn more French! I studied French in college for a year but didn’t do too well and would love to improve it. French is such a beautiful language and in this day and age, being bilingual is KEY in furthering my job opportunities- especially if I want to move and work in London anytime soon.
  4. Learn an instrument like piano ot guitar. This one is hard since “Summer of Lo” needs to take into consideration that I don’t have an income right now so I can’t really go out and buy a keyboard or guitar. Until I have some spare money to do so, I am learning piano through two apps on my phone and I’m learning the different keys and musoc notes. Yes, I’m not learning as much as I could, but it’s better than nothing!
  5. Try out new physical activities! Since returning from Europe, I’ve been going to the gym and having good workouts but I haven’t felt the excitement for it that I did even just a few months ago. I love lifting weights and my resistance training but I think switching it up will help me both physically and mentally. I want to do more yoga, even if it’s just in my apartment, to improve my flexibility and posture (thanks, scoliosis) and try out calisthenics so I can do more bodyweight exercises than just a pull-up! I had the goal to do a pull-up by this past new year and accomplished it a few days before but was struggling to find another specific goal to replace it. My specific fitness goal that I hope to achieve by September 1st or sooner is to do a pistol squat on each leg!
  6. Work on “Lo Without Limits” with more dedication and consistency. Again, when I have more money to spare, I will convert this WordPress .com site into self-hosted on the .org version and have a custom email that doesn’t end in @gmail. These things cost a lot upfront and I’m in the middle of this subscription right now so I don’t want to just throw that money away but I do want this blog to feel more legitimate so in turn I can too (for all two of you readers what’s up!). Until then, I want to write more, post on my YouTube consistently, and learn more about Adobe and all I can do with editing videos, photos, thumbnails, and graphic design. I was never the artistic one growing up, my mom pushed my sister towards her passion for art and me more towards lerning, but I really want to allow my creativity to flow and try new things!
  7. Lastly, spend time with the people I love! Living alone is hard, I really like it when I come home from work and I have my own space that’s mine and I can take care of, but when I don’t have a job taking up 10 hours of my day, it gets lonely. I want to spend time with my friends and really appreciate everybody in my life. It’s hard since some live far away now but that’s what FaceTime is for and just because they are far in distance, I shouldn’t let them get far in our relationships.

I hope you appreciated my summer goals! Some will go beyond summer but they are just a general idea on areas of my life that I want to improve and focus on.

What are your summer and long term goals? I would love to read them in the comments!

xo, Lo

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