A Lo Life Update

Get ready for an exciting… Lo life update in my world of working.

Late last week, I wrote a post about millennial work tendencies and in that post, I mention a job interview. In my other post about not knowing my dream, it also gets a brief mention. WELP, do I have news for you!

Last week, when I had no response from who I interviewed with, even after my follow-up email, I had told my Live Events boss that I’ll be back in the fall. That evening, I got a call from a woman at the place I interviewed at, I was on a “soft-hold”. It was such a shock to hear. While it wasn’t set in stone until she emailed me on Friday, I was taken back of how something that felt like it wasn’t meant for me actually WAS!

When it was confirmed that I would work on this new show past Friday, she said I would know by Monday my start date and rate. Yesterday I reached out and she still was unsure and said I could be starting as early as Wednesday or as late as next Monday. Seeing how it is currently Tuesday evening, I’m going to assume that I’m not going in to work tomorrow. Fine by me because I can use this time until I start to get my mind back on work, but also kinda sucks because on Sunday I spent a good amount of money at Sprout’s thinking I was going to have Tuesday-Friday of lunch and dinner to have to meal prep for.

Now that I’m going to be working almost a MONTH before I had originally planned, what will be going on with Summer of Lo and my now lack of downtime? Well I realized how much I love working and how much structure it brings to my life. With a majority of my friends working during the week too, I now won’t have to spend that time completely alone. I’m back to meal prepping which will keep me accountable on healthy eating, and now that I don’t have to work weekends (yet) I can still use those days for me and catching up on life.

I will still use my free time wisely, and will spend after work on cleaning up, learning, editing, and writing. Since this job is 10-7 for now, I’m planning on getting to the gym early so I don’t have to go so late in the evening. It will definately take me a week to figure out my new routine and how much free time I will actually have, but I don’t plan on letting it go to waste.

I am SO excited for this opportunity and can’t wait to work on this new project. I don’t want to spill what it is quite yet (incase I’m not allowed to), but if you aren’t a close friend or family that I’ve told already, this post should give you an idea.

Once I get in the swing of things and get comfortable at my job and with my new schedule, I’ll update you on what my mornings and current goals look like!

Can’t wait to get started on this new chapter (even if it is just a six month gig), I just need to know my start date!

Chat with you all soon!

xo, Lo

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