Apartment Aesthetic

In my last post, I talked all about finding my apartment! While I was looking for an apartment, I was also spending a lot of time on Pinterest and Instagram thinking of how to decorate it.

I had two different vibes I was into and I felt like it would come down to the place I chose to figure out which direction to go in. The first one was very mid-century modern and the other was very boho beachy.


The apartment I chose was remodeled about a year ago and has a very bright orange fireplace and pretty modern fixtures. When I saw the fireplace, I knew that more mid-century was the way to go while still keeping it light and airy.


My very bright fireplace!

I already had my mattress from home (although I’ve recently upgraded to a queen size bed) and I bought my couch before moving in because it’s pretty simple and could go with anything. I bought a love-seat size couch from Living Spaces and when I moved in, I kind of regretted not going with a sofa size. The bigger couch would have only been 1.5 feet longer and would have been nice to have if people stayed overnight. I went back and forth on my couch for so long that it ended up being too late to return but now that my bed is bigger and my friend gave me a little table for a plant, any bigger would look squished and be too much furniture in my apartment. When I bought my couch, I also impulse bought a funky little chair and throw pillow. To me, it has the mid-century-ness with the round shape and iron legs but still feels more boho with the wicker. My mid-century night stand is also from Living Spaces and I went with white since I didn’t want too much dark furniture. I also don’t have a headboard because I was never sold on any that I saw but when I do decide to buy one, it will be from the same collection as my nightstand but in the cherry wood color.

Target was also a big help to furnishing my apartment and a lot of pieces came from their Project 62 collection. My wood and marble side table is from there as well as my bedside lamp, tall lamp, round mirror which took forever to find, small kitchen table and chairs, “living room” and kitchen rugs, bathroom cart, and tv stand. I initially bought two rugs from Target, one that looked more like what I wanted online and one I saw in-store afterwards and HAD to grab the last one. For about a week, I would wake up to one rug and see it in the morning and the evening when coming home from work and would do the same to the second rug the day after. While the online rug was fluffier, the colors of the second one just felt more vibrant and what I wanted to go for.

The round mirror I didn’t know I wanted until, of course, they were out of stock everywhere. When my mom finally found one, she panicked and bought two for some reason and I was able to sell the second to a friend who had also been on the hunt. I love it on the wall near my bed because it doesn’t take up too much space and when the sun comes in through my window, it makes my apartment so much brighter and feel so much bigger. I also have a long mirror that I bought years ago from Home Goods near my front door and hallway to my bathroom and closet so I can get a final full body look before running out the door.

What I struggled with the most was finding the right coffee table. I searched high and low and different stores and online and finally found the perfect one at the Long Beach Flea Market. I bargained a bit and loved that it was two separate pieces and I often move one close to the TV when I need to hook up my laptop. The iron legs also match my side chair, the light wood keeps the space bright, and they’re super sturdy! At the flea market, I also bought the most beautiful blue fabric and my mom took it and made it into pillow covers for my couch. It works so well with the blush ones from Ikea (and the cat pillow I got for Christmas from Urban Outfitters).


Decorations and some kitchen pieces I picked up at Home Goods, JoAnn’s, and World Market. The wooden shapes above my couch give it a nice gallery wall feel and I saw them at a flea market and my dad told me he would make them himself. He made a bunch and I sent him what I liked on Pinterest and we spent a day laying out the design and hanging them up. The three pieces of art bring more blue into the space which I love and I got the frames from Michael’s. I love that it adds more dimension to my wall and I can add cute pieces I pick up here and there!

While my place is small (less than 500 square feet) it is SO functional. I mentioned in my last post that I like my studio because there is nobody else here and no reason for me to have multiple rooms. It also allows the place to feel more open and with the wall of shelves, I’m not short on any storage space. While I didn’t match my apartment up to my inspo in the end, I think I managed to mix mid-century and bohemian pretty well. It’s so light and open and feels like a bight and happy space, exactly what I wanted.

What’s your apartment inspiration whether you have it now or are aiming for it? I’d love to hear your style and I hope this post helps you make your place into something completely your own!

xo, Lo

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