Maintain your Domain

Chores! A word that made us all cringe as a child. Now that I’m in my own place though, I love having them to keep my space looking nice and to give myself the pride of being able to maintain my apartment and check things off.

When I lived at an apartment or a off-campus house in college with roommates, I always tried splitting up the cleaning evenly but ended up just having to do it all on my own. This was annoying because the responsibilities weren’t being shared and a lot of the messes weren’t my own. Now that I’m in a place without roommates, keeping it clean and organized all falls onto myself.

I enjoy this because I no longer have the expectations of someone else letting me down and I have to take responsibility for every little detail. This has taught me so much and how to balance apartment maintenance with life and how to fix things when they go wrong. Knowing how to do this has also made me a better adult and have created skills and a mindset that I can take into any living situation.

Thankfully, my apartment complex has maintenance that I can call for big fix issues besides changing light bulbs. This has helped with my bathroom door handle breaking, my hair slowing my shower drain even though I try to catch it all beforehand, and currently… my very annoying toilet. I mentioned in my finding my apartment post that I am prone to unwelcome outside guests being on the corner of the first floor with a patio slider and a lot of plants. At home, I would scream and panic until help came, but here I’ve had to toughen up and face it head on. This has come to fungus gnats from my plants, little fruit flies that like to hang out in my bathroom (not by the fruit at all), and the occasional little spider or house fly that sneaks in. My method to the plant pests I managed to get rid of I’ll outline in a future post but with the spider and flies, I get them by soaking their bodies with lots of bug spray, letting them dry up, and vacuuming away. Not the nicest thing to read in a post but it works and this is how I manage to deal with them in my apartment.

Overall, I’ve made myself a list of weekly(-ish) tasks to get done in my apartment. Each week, I have a checklist of swapping out my towels and doing my laundry, cleaning my kitchen, bathroom, mirrors, vacuuming and Swiffering my floors, taking out the trash, dusting, and watering my plants. I usually clean my kitchen on Sunday’s after I meal prep, let my Roomba run when I go to the gym or work, and clean one thing while the spray on another soaks in. A lot of my cleaning products I picked up at Target and are good for the environment and my sensitive skin.

While this still may not sound like fun to all, getting these things done and seeing my clean apartment makes me feel accomplished and so, so good. Being thrown into your own place can be hard and daunting, but having a checklist like the one above has really helped keep me on track and remember what to do.

If you have any apartment tips, let me know! I hope this little list will help you whether you’re in your own place, with roommates, or plan on moving out soon!

xo, Lo


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