First Apartment Must-Haves

To finish off my little apartment series here, I wanted to share the top 10 things that helped me live in my own apartment and make it my own!

This little list could honestly be so much longer but I wanted to tackle the necessities that help me out the most in no particular order. (p.s. some of these items have links to get one of your own and they are the EXACT ones I have!)

My FAVORITE item ever! My apartment doesn’t have small ledges over the doorways (does that make sense?) so I can’t hang dry my laundry on them like how I could do at home. A lot of my clothes I don’t like throwing in the dryer. This includes my workout clothes, shirts and bottoms I don’t want shrunk, and bralettes. When I throw everything in the wash, I pop this open near my window and air conditioner so when I move things over to the dryer, I can bring my hang dry items back. This helps me not just have clothes everywhere to dry and it usually is all dry by the next day!

I mostly use my NutriBullet for banana-frozen berry-protein smoothies, but it has so many uses! You can make small batches of sauces and quickly blend everything together. It’s also so much smaller than a regular blender, which is nice being in a studio apartment, is MUCH easier to clean, and I can drink right out of the blending cup once it’s all done!

A toaster AND an oven! While I have a big oven in my kitchen, I never want to turn it on for small items or make my apartment hot from having it on for too long. I do also have a small toaster, but that’s been up in a cabinet since moving in because I don’t make toast too often. my toaster over is small and I leave it on my small counter and it’s PERFECT for roasting veggies quickly, broiling fish, baking chicken, and of course… toasting! It wasn’t super expensive and I use it almost all the time.

There are SO MANY smart-tv products out there, including the TVs themselves, but my TV didn’t have that option so I had to get one of my own. My parents have an AppleTV for the home but I went with a Roku since it has more available channels and some can connect to (my parents) cable. On my Roku, I use Netflix and Hulu the most and while I don’t watch TV often, it’s greta to have this option that it is so easy to use. The Roku remote that came with mine also had a headphone jack so I can lie in bed and listen to it without turning it up too much and annoying my neighbors. Apple TV is great for screen mirroring, but so is my must-have listed below…

Seems simple but so, so necessary and I didn’t have one at first. For your Roku/AppleTV/you name it, you need your own HDMI cable and thankfully they’re super cheap to get on Amazon. Having an HDMI cable can also connect to your laptop for screen mirroring which is really convenient if you don’t have an AppleTV and MacBook combo like myself. I also have an HDMI cable for work to have dual screens with my desktop and desk TV.

  • Cute Basket

“Cute basket” … what? Okay, this one SEEMS random but it helps out a lot! I have it sitting on top of my toilet and it has two extra rolls of toilet paper, Febreeze, Poo-Pouri, and a small bag of my ~feminine hygiene products~. When I’m using the restroom, this has saved me by having all of those extra supplies right behind me for those times I’m not prepared for.

  • Makeup and Toiletry Cart

Target cart I use in my bathroom for makeup and toiletries

I mentioned this cart from Target in my last post and it’s AMAZING. When I first moved in, I didn’t know what to do with all of my makeup, hair stuff, and nail stuff and tried shoving it into a cabinet but it wasn’t working out too well. I had mini plastic drawers that I put on the counter for my makeup, but that looked junky and took up space. I got this cart and it solved all of those problems. The bottom shelf has my nail supplies and some extras, the middle shelf has a little container of lipsticks as well as random hair supplies, body scrub, headbands, q-tips, and my shower cap. The top shelf is all of my makeup! I used little baskets (same as the one above) from Target to separate them and keep it even more organized. This allows me to see all of the makeup I have and put it back in it’s spot after i use it.

  • Cute Throw Blanket


I got this cute light pink throw blanket from Nordstrom for Christmas! It is probably the softest blanket ever and I leave it at the foot of my bed to bring more color to the grey comforter. When I want to take a nap or I’m chilly and sitting on my couch, I wrap myself up in it and stay PERFECTLY warm. A combination of style and softness-  a true winner!

I love having my kettle! I use it for tea in the morning and at night as well as for making my own coffee! I like to make pour-over coffee because it is SO MUCH cheaper and I can let the water heat up and then allow it to pour-over as I get ready in the morning! This allows me to make and enjoy it at home and NOT feel rushed if I want to get coffee before work and have to leave earlier or pray that the mobile order is actually on time.

If plain coffee isn’t your cup of tea, I have an entire video on making your own lattes at-home!

  • Cleaning Kit

My last post was all about the chores I give myself to keep my apartment clean. I keep most of my cleaning supplies under my kitchen cabinet and it just what I need. For my kitchen, I have stainless steel cleaning wipes, granite and stone cleaner (which I also use in my bathroom), degreaser for my electric stovetop, and sink cleaner. For my floors, I have a Swiffer that I use the dry and wet pads on as well as my Roomba, and I have a Swiffer duster with an extendable handle to dust off everything else. For my bathroom, I have bathroom spray that I use with gloves and a scrubber for my shower and sink as well as a Clorox toilet wand. I also use a glass and window spray for all of my mirrors in my apartment. It’s a super small amount of items but is exactly what I need for my place. Almost everything is also natural and fine for my sensitive skin.

Thank you for checking out this post! I hope it helped you out, especially if you’re moving out soon and need to be reminded of the basics and best things to splurge on. If you have any favorites of your own, let me know!

xo, Lo


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