Starting To Like Fall

Look all around and fall seems to be everybody’s FAVORITE season. The seasonal drinks, the cozy weather, and fall activities all stand out from the rest of the year but honestly, I never got it. While everybody loved the season, it was probably my least favorite of all… until this year!

Maybe it’s because I’m old enough to finally “get it” (whatever “it” is) or because this is my first fall on my own but I’m starting to really enjoy the season. Until this year, fall to me was the equivalent to sunset. Let me explain… sunsets are lovely and beautiful but they also signify the end of a day, when it’s time to stop playing outside and head in, and that it is starting to come to an end. Night is different because it’s not the transition, it’s fully committed to being nighttime and has its own activities to do, sunrise is beautiful and filled with potential of a new day full of opportunities and light, and daytime is fun and activity filled. Sunset, like fall, is the closing of a day.

Don’t get me wrong, I have always loved fall fashion and colors because they look great on my skintone in comparison to others, fall foods are beyond delicious (Thanksgiving is my favorite), and I loved getting to start school fresh, but it never felt amazing to me. The shorter days, weather (at least in Southern California) that has no idea what it’s supposed to be doing, and the nearing of the end of the year always brought it down a bit. I also never got 100% on board with the Halloween obsession and everything scary and spooky.

This year, I suddenly felt a new emotion to it. I appreciated everything fall has to offer now and enjoy the uniqueness of the season. Grabbing Salt & Straw during the crisp nights feels refreshing, Halloween is less scary and more fun and a time to be creative (last year I threw together a Lady Tyrell costume the night before and this year I was Nancy Kerrigan and both killed it) and do activities not including haunted houses. Decorating my apartment for the changing seasons and actually seeing all the fall foods at the farmer’s market makes me feel so happy inside too. Of course, Thanksgiving makes fall even better and I love making Thanksgiving foods dairy and gluten free, last year we did a potluck at work and I made a vegan green bean casserole and this year my boyfriend and I made a mini Thanksgiving spread for dinner one weekend.

While I don’t know what or why this change suddenly occurred to me, I am so grateful for my new appreciation of the season. It’s a fun time to come together and start new (Fun Fact: September is second to January in people starting new habits).

I hope this post inspires you to appreciate something a little more whether it’s a season, a holiday, or something small. What do you all love about the fall?

xo Lo

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