IMPERFECT PRODUCE HAUL: First Time Trying and Review

Hi Everyone, in this video I share with you what I got in my FIRST Imperfect Produce box, if it’s just as good as going to the store, and a price breakdown and comparison! Imperfect Produce delivered delicious organic and conventional produce to my door for cheaper than I would find at my local grocery store (a Vons – so pretty cheap!) however, the delivery charge made my box cost a bit extra. This $4.99 delivery charge is the FLAT fee so if you’re getting more things in your box or a larger box all together, it would definitely balance out and end up being less but I started small with this order. Let me know what you think of Imperfect Produce if you’ve ever tried it before, I LOVE their mission and I definitely feel good about buying food that would otherwise be tossed away. BELOW I have a discount link for you if you want to try it out for yourself 🙂


If you want to try Imperfect Produce and get $10 off your order, click here:

(It’s not an affiliate code just wasn’t to save you all some $$$)

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