Keto What I Eat In A Day: Work From Home Day In The Life in Lockdown

Hi everyone, in this video I take you through my day to share what I’ve been eating and how I’ve been scheduling my day while working from home in lockdown! I’m back at work (the week I upload this is my last week working) so my schedule has definitely changed a lot since the start of lockdown. Since my previous What I Eat In A Day video, I’ve also started the Keto diet to reduce my narcolepsy symptoms. All of my meals in this video are quick, keto, and delicious! Enjoy and let me know how you’ve bee working from home and what you want to see more of on my channel 😀

PS I used my Canon G7X for this video and I haven’t gotten the hang of making the audio from it better yet (esp. when I’m in my kitchen) so I’m sorry it’s not A+ audio quality I’M LEARNING


Quarantine What I Eat in A Day VID:

Starting Keto VID:

Butter+Lye Review VID:

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Hey everybody! My name is Lauren Nowicki but with Lauren being such a common name, I like to go by Lo (or sometimes just my last name). This channel will feature videos focused on healthy meals and snacks, working out and fitness, wellness tips and tricks, and my travel adventures! I started as I try to navigate adulthood through wellness and wander and while I write on there often, making videos is my passion (I went to school for Broadcast Journalism). I’m going through a lot of life changes (and trying to do so on a budget) so subscribe to come along for the ride! Enjoy!


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